Why List a CrashPad

> Do you live near an airport?


> Do you have a spare bedroom, loft or converted garage?


> Boom! You got yourself a CrashPad and you're ready to make some money!


Airlines CrashPad

CrashPads are a great way to bring in some extra income or help pay off a mortgage, even for people not in the airline industry. They are fast becoming more and more popular as a side income to homeowners. Many people run CrashPads as their sole business.


What exactly is a CrashPad?


If you have a spare room in your house or apartment, you can fit them out with bunk beds and rent them out to industry professional flight attendants, pilots and other airline employees.


Airline employees have been interviewed, vetted and are given drug testing. They have their work history checked, references and are generally very personable people.


Simply draft up some 'House Rules', rules for doing laundry, using the kitchen, how many nights per month they can stay there, what's the price, amenities, etc. Then you post the listing (with pictures is better) and away you go!


You can create an account here, the steps should be very straight forward


And here are some FAQs that might help as well.


Please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions!