What is a CrashPad?

A CrashPad is a temporary shared housing or accommodation for flight attendants and pilots. Usually ranging from $200 - $350 depending on amenities and distance from the airport.

(also see Why List a CrashPad)


Let me explain....


Airlines CrashPad

Let's say for example a pilot or flight attendant, (let's name them Jimmy)  is based in New York (JFK) but lives in San Francisco (SFO).




Jimmy has a trip starting at 8am Tuesday morning.


The airlines pay for Jimmy's accommodations when Jimmy is 'on the clock' but Jimmy is not on the clock until 8am Tuesday!  Oyi, what to do?!


Where does Jimmy stay Monday night while not 'on the clock'? Hotels are EXPENSIVE especially on air-crew pay. Hmph ~


So you guessed it, Jimmy has himself a CrashPad!


Since it's Jimmy's responsibility to be in JFK at 8am Tuesday, and since paying for a hotel out of his own pocket would be cost prohibitive, Jimmy needs a CrashPad, an affordable alternative accommodation close to his home base (domicile) airport.


This is usually a house or apartment around 5 miles from a major airport, that is a shared living space for airline personnel.


Some are coed, some are for female only, some are for pilots only, etc etc.


Some are jam packed with bunk beds with up to 10 people in 1 room or some are just 1 - 2 bed, bed rooms people rent out of their house, and everything in between.


There are generally rules (see House Rules) for staying at a CrashPad including how many days per month the aircrew can stay there.




Some aircrew, for example maybe be on reserve for several days or weeks at a time. These on-reserve aircrew will have what's often called a "call out" time. Meaning, the aircrew has to be at their domicile airport within 2 - 3 hours of their "call out" for a trip from scheduling. Again, you can't be paying for a hotel near an airport while on reserve (reserve is not 'on the clock'), it's reserve to be on the clock, Oh Joy!




We mentioned why Jimmy might need a CrashPad before a trip or on Reserve, but here's what might happen after  trip. Let's say Jimmy finishes a trip and lands back at JFK at 9:30pm and there are no more flights back to SFO that night. Well Jimmy again needs an affordable alternative accommodation to sleep at before trying to commute back home the next day, again the answer is a CrashPad.


So as you can see whether it's before a trip, after a trip or sometimes to sit on reserve, aircrew user CrashPads as a temporary accommodation to facilitate their flight schedules.


Please email us with any questions you may have.


Happy and safe flying!~