Blocked Inn - MSP


Joined Mar 19, 2020
Mar 19, 2020
Really great place. All the housemates were very clean and friendly. The crew car worked well for pick up and drop off and we were able to go to the gym or whatever we needed the crew car for within a few miles from the crash pad. A lot of space in the house to be by yourself if you want to or be social out in the living rooms as well. Jim is a really nice and helpful guy just looking to keep his business going. This is my first crash pad ever for reserve and I'd highly recommend it. The guys that have stayed here for a while have said it doesn't get any better than this place. Best pad in MSP by far!
Joined Feb 11, 2020
Feb 11, 2020
This pad is the BEST I have ever been at; this is the Taj Mahal of crash-pads calling this crash-pad luxury is an understatement. I have stayed in pads all over the country within the last 12 years of my airline career. The value of this pad you cannot beat! No dragging your bags through the wx.rnIt is a PILOT ONLY pad in a very large quiet wooded lot with 3 full bathrooms, a large full sized kitchen, rec room with a pool table and dart board, also has 3 rooms with large flat screen TVs with a xbox, has a very nice wrap around deck to sit on during the summer time with a full functional grill to cook on as well. This pad has never been crowded because of all the room this house has! There is also a crewcar available to use to get to and from the airport along with getting groceries or whatever else you may need. There are many amenities around from restaurants, 2 gyms, (Anytime & Snap) and a grocery store within a mile. You will not be sorry if you come here you may never want to leave!
Joined Feb 11, 2020
Feb 11, 2020
Good Day.rn I’m staying in this place and I really enjoy it. rnHouse is very spacious and clean. There are 3 big living rooms with flatscreen TV and pool table. Full size kitchen. 3 full bathrooms available for the guests. Nice and quiet place, never gets crowded.rnIf you don’t have a car, very convenient carpool service to and from airport available.rnSo I highly recommend this place for stay in MSP. rn
Joined Mar 28, 2019
Mar 28, 2019
Blocked Inn MSP is amazing. The house is very nice and has wonderful views out of the back window. It’s wooded location offers lots of relaxation. I’ve spent the better part of a month here while sitting reserve and it has been a great experience. The crew car offers reliable transportation to and from the airport and can be used for errands within 5 miles. There is a grocery store and Walgreens right up the street and the neighborhood is very safe. The house is over 5000 square feet and feels spacious. I would highly recommend this crash pad to anyone looking.
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