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Jan 11, 2020
What the website said and what Bruce said was two different things and I could never get the truth of when this crashpad would be opening when I ask him again he never bother to this day to return any of my emails about this pad.rnAlso you do not have a bed its a revolving door first come first serviced to sleep you may not get a bed at all. I don't think this place has beds just lazy boys. skip this place very poor customer service and trustworthiness is a issue with the pad.
Not a word of what this person wrote is true. I have never received any communication from this person inquiring about this or any other crash pad operated by our company. This person, by her own admission, was never in this crash pad, and therefore she has no factual basis to offer any comment about this pad. Everyone who subscribes to our service is guaranteed a bed every night, period. And again, this person has never been in this crash pad, which has been open continuously since 2018, so she has zero grounds, credibility or right to offer any opinion on the pad whatsoever. If you’re smart, you will ignore her hysterical, false allegations and learn about this pad and all our others first-hand, from the actual source. Please visit our Facebook page and our website to read the hundreds of truthful and experience-based reviews that our actual clients have posted there, rather than taking a liar’s word as the truth.
Jun 26, 2020
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Jun 8, 2019
Bruce, organizes great hotel crashpads.rnThere is something said for shuttle service that takes rnYou to the hotel(crashpad)and airport 24 hours safely. rnBreakfast and fitness is included which helps keep yournHealthy. I highly recommend Bruce's crashpad, as your rnhome away from work trips and home:)
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