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Dec 7, 2017
This crash pad is located in Kew Gardens, everything is updated and, bathrooms etc. has washing machine and dryer on site. Walking distance to, stores, bus line, train etc. Mostly Pilots and some Flight Attendents, no full time residency. Quiet and clean so you can sleep during the daytime. Private rooms are available as well.rnYou can contact them at six four six six six seven six two five five
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Nov 28, 2017
Quiet and clean place, mostly pilots with a few flight attendants. Reserve allowed, but can't live there full time... go home when you're off and theres no problem. Close to Endeavor shuttle to LGA and JFK. Grocery, multiple food options, and gym walking distance. Cleaning service provided. Cost per mo includes internet & utilities. Over all happy with my time here. Easy to get some shut eye anytime. Treated fair and square.
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