SFO's Crashpad one opening for June 1st


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Sep 9, 2018
Jasmine has a well run and very clean crashpad near SFO. Cold bunk (bring and leave your own bedding), shared with a mixture of mechanics, flight attendants and pilots, each with their own dedicated bunk-bed spot. Quiet three-bedroom, two-bath apartment in Burlingame. Five-minute walk to Crown Plaza Hotel shuttle to airport that runs every 20 minutes. Low drama, easy going bunch with several veterans. I thought I would be suffering to give up a private hotel room, but I was pleasantly surprised with the great experience/environment here. Hotels in SFO can go over a thousand dollars per night when they are in short supply, so I am saving a lot of money and could not be happier.
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Nov 11, 2017
Dope crashpad! Extremely close to the airport! rnrnJasmine does a great job managing the place and keeping it clean. 207 has a great atmosphere. Although it feels like family, everyone is very respectful of personal space. rnrnI've really enjoyed my time here and you will too!
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