Refund Policy

Hello fellow in-flight!


We do our best to run an honest and fair website. Our Services are very straight forward and simple. CrashPad Listers pay $49 for a one year listing and CrashPad Seekers pay $9.99 for 6 months of unlimited viewing, browsing and messaging of CrashPad Listers.

We make no guarantees, promised or implied!


* Please see the steps we take to ensure valid listings.


We simply host a website that allows fellow aircrew to list CrashPads (Listers) and aircrew seeking CrashPads (Seekers) to message each other to fulfill vacancies in available CrashPads. We  can not control how often CrashPad Listers may check their emails or how punctual they may be in their responses.


If a user signs-up (details are very clear before creating an account) and sends a message(s) to a CrashPad (or several), then our services have been rendered as advertised; therefore no refund is justified.


See the 1,000's of connections for fellow aircrew we've made, see here.


We are sorry we cannot make every single user as happy as possible, but we try. We encourage Listers in all messages and in their Dashboard to deactivate CrashPads with 100% occupancy, but we can not control if they do or do not follow our request.


As we all know, all people have vastly different levels of computer knowledge and familiarity of computer related practices. So please cut them and us some slack.




If a user has had an unauthorized charge they should contact their bank immediately to resolve the problem and make sure their credit card has not been compromised or stolen. will cooperate fully and 100% to help in any way we can to resolve the matter to protect our users.


Any abuse of our Policies or dishonest usage of our website (yes, it's happened many times) will immediately be reported to the Human Resources, direct manager and all the people contacted via the website to report the offender. We provide an honest service we expect honest usage from our fellow inflight crew members.


Thank you for understanding, we are truly here to help.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Happy and safe flying!~


Chantz Wade & The CrashPad411 Family