Quality Listing Pledge

Hello fellow in-flight,


Welcome! We want to first thank you sincerely for using CrashPad411.com!


 We make no guarantees, promised or implied.

That being said, we have made 1,000's of connections with a 100+ folks that message via the website everyday. Please see here.


We do everything we possibly can to ensure quality listings and to get you connected via the website as soon as possible. 

CrashPad411.com has staff that review our listings for the quality of the description, images and pricing. We do everything we can to ensure our Listings are current, up to date and valid (meaning no realtors). 24 Hour Response Policy (we have to fly too, ha).


We also have a daily script that runs and checks Listers account activity. If a Lister has not logged into the website in 3 months, we send them an email. If the user has not logged in, in 4 months we de-activate their listing and again email them. Please understand we can't just de-activate someone’s email too hastily if they have paid for the service.


On that note we also cannot be held accountable for how 'on top' someone might be in checking their emails, having time to respond and running their CrashPad.


We also remind and encourage CrashPad Listers to de-activate their listing(s) if they have 100% occupancy. This is included and sent in every message sent via the website.


We note this in all messages sent between users as well as a note at the top of the My CrashPads page (for Listers only).





There might be a couple of reasons why a CrashPad Lister might not have responded.


1) They may be away on a trip

2) The Lister forgot to de-activate their Listing when they reached 100% occupancy

3) They might not have checked their email for a few days


As mentioned our staff goes through the listings continually in an attempt to insure validity or all users and Listings.

If you have not heard back from a Lister please try emailing them again, they may be flying or forgot.


And do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


Happy and safe flying!~


Chantz Wade & The CrashPad411.com Family