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Airline Pilot Hiring
Airline Pilot Hiring

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*** Spring Special ***
$180/month - 6 bed room
$200/month - 4 bed room (Twin bed)
$220/month - 4 bed room (Full bed)

New DTW Pilot only Crash Pad opened January 2018, just renovated, all new furniture, bedding and kitchen crockery/utensils.

Pilot owned, run by well known Blocked Inn Crashpads.

No Smoking inside, regular cleaning service.

Near to Airport (4.4 mi), Fully Furnished, Fast unlimited WiFi, top DirecTV Now package with all channels, Washer & Dryer, 3 Bedrooms & Basement, 3.5 Bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, SmartLock access.

Back deck is furnished with 8 seater dining set and stainless 4 burner BBQ., Garage to be converted to seperate games/workout space/second TV room soon. Continually improving and taking suggestions.

Supermarket (0.6 mi), liquor store/gas stations/subway (0.8 mi) & restaurant (0.2 mi, breakfast and lunch) within walking distance.

Has a dedicated Crew Car.

Parking on the street and/or driveway is fine.

Master room with 6 beds, Ensuite bathroom - $180/month each
Two rooms with 4 beds, shared ensuite bathroom - $200/month each ($220 Full bed)

Basement with Ensuite opening soon

Distance From Airport

  • 4 miles


  • Wifi Internet
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Cable TV
  • Furnished Living Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bedding Provided
  • Yard or Patio


  • Pilot Preferred

Nearby Places

  • Restaurants
  • Transportation
  • Grocery Stores
Happy and safe flying!~

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