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Los Angeles International Airport United States



Welcome to Whiskey Bravo LAX!

We strive to provide you with a safe, clean and relaxing environment. Of course there is no place like home, but you can rely on our premium crashpads to make your commute comfortable.

Location, location! El Segundo is the closest neighborhood to LAX.
- Uber $6 - $12
- City bus $1.75
We are also an 1 min walk from downtown and only 10 min from the beach.

Each crasher is provided:
1. A cold bed, with your own clean bedding, complete with with individual sheets, blankets and pillows. Each bed is supplied with an individual phone charging station. 

2. High-quality wooden bunks with thick mattresses. You don't have to sleep on cardboard in squeaky metal beds.

3. Privacy! Noise and light blocking curtains, hung on actual curtain rods, are provided for almost all beds, including top bunks.

We guarantee:
1. Regular, professional maid service. No more "taking turns" cleaning the bathroom or throwing away moldy food from the fridge.

2. All toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, soap and towels. 

3. Keyless entry, with personal keycodes that never change! 


Distance From Airport

  • 2 miles


  • Wifi Internet
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Furnished Living Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bedding Provided


  • Pilot Preferred
  • Flight Attendant Preferred

Nearby Places

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Shopping
  • Banks
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Grocery Stores
  • Nail Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Gym
  • Yoga Studio
  • Dry Cleaning
Happy and safe flying!~

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