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Airline Pilot Hiring

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Modern, comfortable crash pad located in Newark, NJ just 9 minutes from EWR. Incredibly convenient for any EWR based flight crew.

Two rooms available:

Room 1 with 4 beds

Room 2 with one bunk (2 beds)

Private bathroom, WIFI, closet, drawers for your clothing, iron, use of in home laundry facilities, kitchen, plenty of street parking.

On a quiet street in a beautiful, safe neighborhood. Near restaurants, bars, cafes & grocery stores. Public transportation 1/2 block away. 

$300 per person per month for Room 1

$350 per person per month for Room 2

Your bed is your bed. Sheets & towels provided.

Available to pilots only. Run by international cabin crew member.

Thank you.

Distance From Airport

  • 5 miles


  • Wifi Internet
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Cable TV
  • Furnished Living Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bedding Provided
  • Yard or Patio


  • Male Preferred
  • Pilot Preferred

Nearby Places

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Shopping
  • Banks
  • Movie Theater
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Grocery Stores
  • Dry Cleaning
Happy and safe flying!~

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