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Saves You Time and Money . No Contract! No Lease! No Train! No Utilities!  Females only, Commuter-Reserves and lineholders accepted. Located two miles from the O'Hare International Airport. FREE door-to-door shuttle service available 7 days a week/24 hours a day. (No dragging your rollerbags on concrete AND save money not purchasing train, taxi, bus, uber or lyft fees. Know before you go.) MISSION STATEMENT: To provide Relaxation Condos (aka: a crew lounge) where commuter crew members can rest between work trips or waiting for a call from crew scheduling in the city of Chicago. You will save time and money staying here! ESTABLISHED since 2003: AMENITIES: Full kitchen, spacious living room, curtained condos, complimentary on-site laundry. High-speed internet access, 24-hr fitness room, full cleaning services once a week, and fresh bedding and towels when you arrive.

TESTIMONIALS from satisfied custmers:

-------------------------   2017

  • Hi Wanda & Sue! I just signed a lease for an apartment in Wicker Park with two other flight attendants.  I will no longer need the crashpad after my last night this Wednesday, April 26.  I will have all of my belongings out by 10am this Thursday, April 27.  Thank you and Sue so much for helping me out this first month of flying!  Best wishes, Haley from Skywest

  • (APR) Thank you, Sue (for the upgrade in crashpad living). Michelle from United.
  • Thanks! It looks great! Kaylee from United.
  • (MAR) Please welcome the new Crashpad Captain, Sue Chang. Wanda Zuege will be going on more vacations starting 2017. Sue Chang moved the crashpad to Candlewood Suites on March 31st. Now Chicago Crashpad Accommodations provides two fully equipped kitchens, two dining rooms and two spacious living rooms for crew to truly relax in between work trips.  .
  • (MAR) Hi Wanda, I had two emergency surgeries so I've been a little out of the loop during my recovery. I no longer wish to stay at the crashpad but I will never forget thememories we all made. ... Thanks for everything. Be blessed.  Crystal with United.

-------------------------   2016

  • (NOV) Hi Wanda, Thank you but I transferred back to Dallas. I deeply appreciate all of your hospitality!! Shanene from Envoy
  • (OCT) It's .... an awesome deal for $175. It's the best crashpad ever. I tell everybody. Thanks so much. Leslie from Envoy
  • (SEP) Thanks so much! This crashpad is perfect! Monica with Express Jet. ***** Hi Wanda! We found a family friend that is offering us their basement rent free and so we decided to try that out. Thank you for everything. Your crashpad was very well organized and accommodating Kristen with American
  • (AUG) Hi Wanda, I am changing bases to Denver in Oct. and so will be leaving the Crashpad. I would love to come back if my base switches back later. Thanks for having such a nice setup! Katherine with Frontier
  • (AUG) Good Morning! Thank you so much for your help in getting me a nice place to sleep. Many blessing 4 you. Gaviota with American
  • (July) Hey Wanda, I just want to let you know that August will be my last month at the crashpad. I want to thank you for the kind hospitality and allowing me to stay there while I was in Chicago! I wish you all the very best! And safe travels!! Samantha with Spirit
  • (JUL) Hi there! I am going to be moving bases again to get my line back in August, so I will not need the crashpad unless I transfer back when they bring all the merge/shuttle/Republic. It is the best Crashpad I've been in - well organized and no drama. Thanks. :) Ana with Republic
  • (JUL) Hi Wanda. Thanks so much for a good place to stay these last months. I am going to work commutable trips and won't need the crashpad beyond June 15 (2016). Wishing you safe travels. Linda from Skywest
  • (JUL) Hi Wanda! I wanted to let you know that this will will be my last moth here. I got my transfer for next month in SFO. Jessica (first officer) Skywest.
  • (JUL) I have found an apartment and won't need the crashpad this month. Thank you for the accommodations! It worked great! Victoria with Republic
  • (JUN) Ms. Wanda, I would like to thank you for allowing me to stay at the crash pad. At this point my training is complete and I will not need any services at this time. Everything was fine and I really enjoyed meeting the ladies. I definitely will make referrals to you and if I am ever in need of services; I will for sure make contact. Sincerely, Rochelle from O'Hare International Airport.
  • (MAY) Hey Wanda, I just wanted to let you know that I will be moving to another place in May ... Thank you so much for letting me stay for these few past weeks here! Joan with Spirit
  • (MAY) Hey Wanda ... I would just like to let you know that I will not be occupying the crashpad. Thanks for the accommodations. Monique with Spirit. (Monique and Joan found an apartment together)
  • (JAN) I want to thank you for the use of crashpad, but I won't be needing it in February.. Hopefully, upgrade will be in a couple of years then I will be back for a good long stay on reserve. Marissa, (first officer) with Spirit
  • (JAN) Hey Wanda, yesterday was my last day at the crashpad (JAN 27). Thank you for the hospitality! Che from United
  • Thanks Wanda! It's my last night (JAN 29). I appreciate you! Angela with United
  • Thanks so much for holding my stuff until I could scoop it up. I may be back someday. I'll keep your number! It is probably the best run crashpad ever!! Michelle from United
  • I am leaving today (base transfer to SFO). Thank you Wanda! I'll be back in July so don't forget me. Jissel from Skywest
  • Hi Wanda, thank you for all you do at the CP. I have decided to move to a house off the blue line where a friend of mine lives so I can have a bed to call my own, lol! Thanks again so much. I enjoyed my time here and met lots of awesome ladies. It was so convenient. Blessings to you in 2016. Amy from United.

-------------------------   2015

  • Happy New Year to you crashpad ladies! Just wanted to say I love my new crashpad (in Newark) but miss all that we were offered at Chicago Crashpad Accommodations. I had to go out and buy sheets, pillows, towels, toilet paper and kleenex. LOL ... I got there at 2 am the first night and wasn't able to do much. So it made me appreciate all we have there. Michelle from United.
  • (DEC) I just wanted to let you know I got my transfer to Newark. I wasn't expecting it so soon. I will be leaving at the end of this month (December). If you ever need me to promote your place, let me know. I will be glad to do it. You provided a quality, clean, safe and inexpensive crashpad (with extras) as well as 24 hour van service. Thank you so much for providing it during my 5 months in Chicago. Michelle with United
  • Hey Wanda this is zippy and I just wanted to let you know that I got my transfer and this will be my last month here at the crashpad. ... I also want to thank you much for letting me have a place to stay. It's been so wonderful and I can't thank you enough! This was truly a blessing. Thank you. Zipporah with United.
  • Wanda, these are the days when I am so grateful for my crashpad. Sonia with Envoy (Nov 11 weather canceled expected flight home)
  • Good morning, Wanda! I actually transferred to LAX as of October 30 so I won't be using the crashpad anymore. Thank you so much for making my time at ORD so convenient. You have an absolutely wonderful set up and it has been a pleasure. Wanda, I am glad to have met you. Thanks for your hospitality and the professional place to rest. Holly with Mesa
  • Wanda, I plan on staying for a while - in for the long haul - works so great! Jody with Frontier
  • I like your crashpad. It is really nice and clean. I will surely recommend my friends and newcomers about your crashpad. Thanks. Oomie with Frontier
  • Wanda, I don't need a crashpad anymore. Thank you for taking care of me during my ... stay. Thank you very much! :-) Aimee with American Airlines
  • Wanda, also I will move out next month the 5th. Thanks you for letting me stay ... It's the best CP in Chicago! :) Tina, American Airlines
  • Wanda, I want to thank you for the crashpad; I won't be needing it in the future as per this email. I wish you all success and thanks again. Norma with Envoy
  • Hi Wanda, I will be here tonight. Also my last day at the pad will be the 3rd. I got my transfer to Newark next month where I can hold a line. Thanks for everything. Elisa with Shuttle America.
  • Love it at the crashpad! Kalisha with Skywest
  • Hey Wanda, It's with sad news that I'm texting you to let you know I'm leaving the crashpad. ... I will keep the crashpad in mind if my new arrangement doesn't work out ... or I don't get my transfer by March. Gretty with Skywest
  • Wanda, thank you so much for everything. I appreciate you for listening.You've always been kind and nice to me from day one. I only wish the best for you. Take care. Epi (MESA base moved to Houston.)
  • Thank you for letting me stay at your crashpad. It was fun! Michelle with Skywest
  • Wanda, I was awarded my transfer to San Francisco beginning in February. I'll miss the crashpad. It's actually been a great experience - your crashpad made me feel safe and gave me a chance to meet many new friends. Gabrielle with Skywest
  • Hey! I will not be using the crashpad in the near future. I was awarded my base for Indianapolis and will be living there. Thank you for your hospitality! Alexandria with Skywest
  • Wanda, I put in for a transfer in September. I'll miss you all. Thank you for a great crashpad!! Gina with Shuttle America
  • Hi Wanda, I just wanted to let you know tonight is my last night here. Thanks you again for my stay here. It's been wonderful. Samantha with Skywest
  • Hi Wanda, Thank you so much for helping to make my life more affordable. I really appreciate you:))) Pandy with Republic
  • Hi Wanda, I just wanted to give you a heads up that August will be my last month in the Crashpad. I was awarded Phoenix as my new base starting September 1. Thanks for everything and I will definitely recommend your place to anyone I know in the market for a Crashpad. Annabelle with Mesa
  • Hi Wanda, I'll bet you've been so busy with all of us coming in all at the same time! Thank you for being so patient and keeping my spirit up. I promise you your great attitude and great sense of humor is what made my 3 first days here, when I was ready to give up! Lola with Envoy Wanda, Thank you! Dallas is my home so I'm very excited about flying out of Dallas as my new base! I wish you all the best and the friendliest of skies, always! Lola (after three weeks at Chicago Base). Lola with Envoy Hey Wanda, I was able to find a room in a house so I won't be back for the month of June. I appreciate everything and will miss all of you! Jessica with Republic Dear Ms. Wanda, Good afternoon! I have recently been awarded a new domicile in the hottest place on earth - Houston. Thus, I won't be able to use the crashpad effective on June 1. It is a pleasure staying there and meeting lovely people and friends like you. I hope that we can still keep in touch because I would love to go back to Chicago after 6 months. :-) Hannah with Express Jet "Thank you, Wanda for a wonderful crashpad experience. I appreciate you giving me a home these past three years. I really enjoyed my time there and will definitely miss everyone ..." Tasha with Mesa "I love my crashpad!" Tamara with American Airlines Dear Everyone, Thank you very much for everything. I'll miss you all, but I'll stay in the same building, so don't be a stranger! Thank you again! With Love, Junko with American Airlines "I just got a job with US Airways. I am so excited to be based at home! I really loved the crashpad and the girls! Thanks sooooo much, Wanda, for making the crashpad experience the best it could be! Sherry with Republic "I do want to thank you for everything and opening your doors up to me :)" Andrea with American Airlines "Yay! Newbies! :) Wanda, Thank you for everything! It's been a blast. I hope we fly together in the friendly skies soon! Love, Macy with American Airlines

Distance From Airport

  • 2 miles


  • Wifi Internet
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Cable TV
  • Furnished Living Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Bedding Provided


  • Female Preferred
  • Pilot Preferred
  • Flight Attendant Preferred
  • Over 40 or Just Mellow
  • Non-smokers

Nearby Places

  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Shopping
  • Movie Theater
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Grocery Stores
  • Nail Salon
  • Gym
  • Dry Cleaning
Happy and safe flying!~

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