Fee explaination

Number one let me start by sincerely thanking you for using CrashPad411.com!


As a flight attendant myself, I have lived in CrashPads for years and very much understand the ins-and-outs of the CrashPad world.

That is why our team built CrashPad411.com. We wanted to make it easy for fellow aircrew to come together.


* Please understand there are tangible hard costs involved with running the website.


Hosting, support staff, future development, etc. have become too great to pay all costs 'out of pocket' and were no longer sustainable.  We must now charge a nominal fee for usage of this valuable and needed service.



We have put a lot of consideration into the pricing structure to ensure it is both fair and affordable to our fellow airline crew. You can join the CrashPad411.com family for a one-time fee of $9.99. This allows CrashPad Seekers unlimited browsing and messaging to the largest resource of CrashPad Listings on the internet today. Your account is simply de-activated after 6 months.



Moreover, the $49 per year (only $4 per month) to list a CrashPad, which is almost $200 per year cheaper than ‘the other guys’, and considering our promotions on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, that is by far the best value on the web! That is for the same great features, unlimited CrashPad listings, easy activate / deactivate (depending on occupancy), unlimited messaging, user feedback, reviews and ratings.


We want to continue being the #1 Flight Attendant and Pilot CrashPad resource on the internet and continue to provide this valuable resource.


Thank you for your understanding, your loyalty and most importantly, thank you for using CrashPad411.com!



The CrashPad411.com  Family





* CrashPad411.com proudly supports the Anyway Foundation, Orphanage & Schools in Cambodia.