Featured Listings - Details


Need to get a spot filled quick?


Stay at the top of the listings by adding your CrashPad Listing to our Featured Listings.



One time boost for:

1 week - $5

Two weeks - $8

Three weeks - $11

One month - $15


On-going Featured Listing

Or you can keep the party going  and always be on the top of the listing page for only $9.99 per month.


You can add your Listing to Featured Listings in My CrashPads.



Once added to Feature Listings you will see a count down of how many days you have remaining.


If you have an on-going Feature Listing there is a link to remove your listing for any reason. Also If you have 100% occupancy and de-activate one of your listings, it will be taken out of Featured Listings. When you re-activate the listing it will again appear in Featured Listings, awesome!


Of course give us a shout anytime with questions, we're happy to help!


See Featured Listings.